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11 Jun 2008

Hello, and welcome.

Welcome to the inaugural Moderna Museet v3.0 heritage publication.

As part of our centenary celebrations we have been reviewing many of the public domain resources that Moderna co-produced in the preceding hundred years. And, the huge challenge for all of us involved was to attend to the lines of force, the transactions that generated, and continue to generate the nexus Moderna Museet; and not be dazzled by the subjects, objects or buildings they produced.

To trace the history of Moderna Museet, is to trace the history of a creative institution that in 2’12 decisively forked the 19th Century museum trajectory. We diverted from a model which had to constantly expand; commission signature buildings, consume scarce resources, evolve huge administrative hierarchies – exhibition, education, support, management and so on - to a sustainable trajectory where Moderna instituted, in the ancient sense of the word - of founding and supporting, on instituting creative practice.

We at Moderna Museet v2.0 started to play, risk, cooperate, research and rapidly prototype; not only exhibitions and research projects, but also our core processes. Some values were lost – which is always painful, and yet others were produced, although those most relevant maintained, nurtured and cherished. As with many immanent institutions, we learnt to invest long-term without regard for an interested return; enabling Moderna Museet to devolve locally, and network globally.

As most readers will be aware, our intention of forking with Moderna Museet v3.0 in 2’51, is to execute more of our research, to enact, to be more agent than immanent.

One of the great outcomes of the centenary re-threading is we recovered Composite text-documents for an entire Moderna History book, co-produced for the Moderna Museet v1.0 Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2’08. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the paper-publication remained unprinted during the Jubilee celebrations – and so now, to mark the centenary we have issued this 2’08 style heritage publication.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Moderna Museet, you’re all here with us in spirit

Ayan Lindquist

Executive Moderna Museet v3.0 2058


You can download a .pdf of the interview and extract from the Moderna History Book. Or Read a transcript of the Centenary Interview


Museum Futures was inspired by Industrialtownfuturism, generated some of the architecture of Self Portrait: Arnolfini and More Things can Happen than Will, or Have

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