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Commissioned by Bruce Ferguson for Walking,Thinking, Walking
Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art, Denmark

The publication Errata was a parasitical intervention into a public museum, both as a guide and via the catalogue of the collection.

From the Introduction

The beautiful Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is comprised of a collection and sequence of buildings that have evolved since the 1950s. Extending self-consciously, but unobtrusively throughout its stunning parkland location.

The buildings simultaneously embrace and exclude the environment. Trees, birds, greenery and shocking glimpses of the Sound -the sea separating Denmark and Sweden- expand your experience of the collection through a spectacular succession of rooms, glazed passages, galleries and picture windows.

As you walk through the museum, its spaces unfold; entrance, gallery, corridor, garden, another gallery, children's house, cafe, reading room, beach, terrace and shop. The shift in uses and qualities of space is reflected in the values of the artifacts contained; if not in the artifacts, then in the quality of attention you extend to them.

A parallel material sequence may include; painting, chair, print, sculpture, tree, postcard, video monitor, money, toy, another painting, book, drinking glass, souvenir, etc...

As is traditional, the catalogue of the collection from Louisiana excludes this dense, complex and playful exchange between visitor and museum.

While following the catalogues formal blueprint Errata proposes straying and sliding from art to artifact and back again.

Errata uncovers the means by which the museum constructs and authorises specific objects. Through tracing the dissemination, regulation and exclusion of the collection through display, presentation and representation of objects and images.

Errata was freely available during the exhibition as an additional guide to the Museum, and included with every catalogue purchase.

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The project was in collaboration with Marysia Lewandowska.

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
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