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prospectus time-lapse

Time lapse document of prospectus, with thanks to Blanca Regina

We began, students, staff, experts and others at Chelsea College of Art and Design, through collaboration and practice based research, to trace a history of radical exhibitions, and make an exhibition. Through weekly seminars, workshops and events our project morphed into prospectus, as our interests incorporated art education, and our own experiences of trying to perform it. 

The etymology of the word prospectus suggests to ‘look-forward’ into the future. Of course, to pro-spect we need to trace past patterns and events, to establish where we can look from. An archaeology of art education lead us to the foundation of the first public Art and Design School of 1837, which had an exhibited collection at its heart. Exhibitions and art school education art intimately bound.

from: Monday 21st May- Wednesday 30th May 2012

prospectus was an experimental exhibition exploring the practices of radical art education and exhibition as an educational technology; generated by the enthusiasm and dedication of Neil Cummings, Taneesha Ahmed, Francesca Baglietto, Holly Black,Grazyna Dobrzanska-Redrup, Maria Georgaki, Courtney Grifiths, Laura Henesser, James Hedley Harper, Narasha Hoare, Amy McDonnel, Daisy McMullan, Lishi Meng and ISD students, Stamatina Liagki, Sam LO Mingshum, Feng Shao, Antoana Petkova and Laura Blenkinsop.

Time lapse document of prospectus, thanks to Blanca Regina

Thanks to Prof. David Garcia Dean of CCW Graduate School.

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