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A screening festival celebrating digital filmmaking and Hackney Including world premiere of 24 hour Hackney: A City Symphony

Saturday 21 November, 4-8pm
Open School East
The Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
London N1 5SQ

Open Cinema is an 8-month digital film project led by artist Neil Cummings.

Working with a pool of film professionals and enthusiasts, Open Cinema collectively researched, found and made digital films. In the spirit of collaborative learning, we explored the role of film in representing and reactivating people and places, especially Hackney. It's been amazing.


Order of events:

16.00pm Refreshments and cakes provided by OSE associate Michael Whitby, with activities.
16.30pm Screening programme starts
18.30pm Dinner, and world premier of 24Hour Hackney
19.30pm Final screening and close.

The programme is subject to change, films include;

Last Day of The Waste - 14mins
A film by Andrew Tullis and Iris Wakulenko about the managed closure of the ancient market in Kingsland Road. The rushes were donated in an open-media drop-in-day, Hackney in Pictures.

Childhood - 3mins
A film by Stephen Manning

Sarah's Good Family - 11mins
Sarah Abou Elnasr and Zoe Lee discuss Sarah's experience and expectation of a good family.

Carpark - 7mins
A film by John, about the struggle that is his carpark.

Workshop Showreel -14mins
A compilation of documents produced as part of the expert workshops of Open Cinema.

Tilt Crash Zoom - 3mins
A short account of cooperation.

Ron Hitchins; Made in Hackney - 12mins
A film by Claudine Roux, Andrew Tullis and Lucy Cash on the extraordinary life in dance, of Hackney resident, Ron Hitchins.

I am Hackney; memories on a loop 2min 26'
A short animated film exploring memories of Hackney, produced by Hackney Stream, a community adventure by citizens of a pre-digital era.

Hackney Life - 7mins
A film by Hulya and Zoe on the precarity of home in Hackney.

Archive Showreel 10mins
A selection of archive films and reminisences about Hackney, edited and curated by Asya Gefter of Fragile Archivists.

A Walk with Stephen - 9mins
A film by Stephen Manning, Neil Cummings and Iris Wakulenko. Stephen leads a tour from his garden, through Hackney to some of his favourite London sites.


If Community Was...... - 12min
Inspired by a community film-making workshop lead by Ed Webb-Ingall, an ongoing, endless collective portrait.


6.30 pm world premiere 24Hour Hackney: A City Symphony - 25min 30'
Inspired by a visit from the Echo Park Film Centre, Los Angeles, USA. 24 hour Hackney is a day in the life of our neighbourhood. Each hour of the day, is represented by one minute of screen time. The clock strikes 7am and our journey begins.......


The screening was a real pleasure, the digital films exceeded our expectations, the food was great, the audience warm and generous, applause genuine, what a night! You can see some images of the evening, and the films will be online soon

#TransActing; A market of values

Open Cinema is:

Abou Elnasr, Andrew Tullis, Asya Gefter, Benedict Anyetei, Cananne, Chitra Banerjee, Claudine Roux, Dan Johnson, David Latto, Deborah, Daniel, Ed Webb-Ingall, Egypt Nelson, Elizabeth Pillar, Elfrieda Galloway,
Fionnuala, Gianfranco Valleriani, Gillian, Gita, Hemma Luchman, Hulya, Iris Wakulenko, John Frost, José Velázquez, Katarina Strasser, Ken, Kim Noce, Lea, Louise, Lucy Cash, Lyn, Magar, Malik, Maria Benjamin, Marie, Margret Koroidovi, Martha, Michelle Goldberg, Neil Cummings, Nicolle, Pauline Brown, Peter-Hugo Daly, Queenie Alpha Mae, Rebecca, Rick Crust, Rupert, Sara Abou Elnasr, Sarah, Sean Mullan, Shaun Clark, Sophie, Stephanie, Stephen Manning, Steve, Susan, Tina Rowe, Victoria Opeyukun, Walter Gutzmore, Zoe Lee, Mike Brooks, Anna Colin, Laurence Taylor, and many more besides.

Thanks Mike Brooks, Ultan Coyle and Michael Whitby

Special Thanks Iris Wakulenko

Read an account of the introductory session, see the community film making workshop, or the Sunlight screening


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Open School East
43 De Beauvoir Road
N1 5SQ
United Kingdom

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