neil cummings

the educational turn

27 Apr 2010

I will take part in a three day event FL∆G: re-turning the educational turn at Chelsea College of Art and Design

Working SessionEducation is increasingly a key concern for contemporary art practice and its exhibitionary institutions; recent events include PARADE, Documenta 12 and United Nations Plaza, or Transpedagogy: Contemporary Art and the Vehicles of Education at MOMA, and events covened by the Serpentine and Hayward Gallery like de-schooling society, could all be defined as art turning educational.

On the one hand, claiming pedagogic practices as a form of art for exhibition could be seen as a way of idealising art education, or as an attempt to aestheticise education for exhibition. On the other hand, it could be seen as a form of engaged, dematerialised and participatory art practice. Regardless of the hand we choose, the proliferation of interest in the educational turn, demonstrates a new and widespread interest within exhibitionary institutions, art practice itself and sites of art education for self-reflexion.

FL∆G: through a three-day intervention into the public gallery that is the Triangle Space, returns, explores and plays with the educational turn by re-turning the exploration of art and pedagogy to the art educational institution itself, in this case Chelsea College of Art and Design. 

The event is a shared venture amongst participants in dialogue with each other and the institution, the latter understood as both a physical entity and as a discursive arena.

Speakers from inside and outside the institutions of art educational are invited to  explore the educational turn within a setting of artworks and exhibition. 

Contributers / Exhibitors / Speakers:
Cradeaux Alexander, Dennis Atkinson, Ricardo Basbaum/TrAIN, Alexander Blackman, Marsha Bradfield/ Scott Schwager, Chloe Briggs, Jack Burton/Janina Lange, Joe Campbell/Oscar Oldershaw, Hannah Clayden, Claxton & Major Collective, Neil Cummings, Mario D’Agostino, Lucy Dixon, Linda Drew, Rebecca Fortnum, Emily Pethick, Malcolm Quinn, Rosalie Schweiker, Terry Smith, William Tang, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Rehana Zaman and Barbara Zanditon.

Chelsea College of Art and Design
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU


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  • Vidokle, Anton. (2006), Exhibition as School in a Divided City (Manifesta)
  • Summit Non aligned initiatives in education culture.
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