neil cummings

Walk & Talk

16 Feb 2014

Walk and Talk

On Sunday I joined Ace&Lion for a collaborative, swarm derived drift through the Kings Cross area of London. Ace&Lion are a not for profit organisation working in the public domain, they intend to be a 'hub' for artistic collaboration and knowledge exchange.

For three hours a mixture of artists, designers, architects, urbanists and a social worker, meandered through regeneration, architecture, places, innovative social organisations, teaching, learning, resilience, cultures of resilience, children, sleep and feeding, regeneration, possible futures, fear, non-places, fashion, the rights of private security in public space, atriums, prostitution, the price of boat mooring and much else besides.

We were blessed with soft winter sun, and in a low key, casual and friendly atmosphere, I learnt a lot.

The project shares something with Anthropocene walk, Estuary and the perambulations of Mudlark.


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