neil cummings

V&A Bicentenary

CompDoc 191058:

Partial record of Victoria and Albert Museum's Bicentenary celebrations, 19. 09. 2057

Composite performs a human performing a live-thread recall.

[..] Well, its great to be here with you. Really, really great to be here with you, as part of the V&A’s, bicentenary celebrations..........I’ve really enjoyed the day so-far.

Thanks so much for Dan, and, Adam for inviting me. 
Dan suggested, given my age and prosthesis, that I perform a live-thread recall.
 I’m a little out of practice, but I’ll do my best.

So, I’m going to disconnect from Composite,

OK, I’m present.

And, in keeping with the ‘old-school’ nostalgia, of this face-2-face conference, I’d like to invite you to do the same, too. Could you all, just, also disconnect.

Well, you’ll appreciate, as with all live-thread recalls, this will be partial and flawed. The thread I’ll be re-running, is something like institutional subjectivity. 
Or, how the V&A became conscious of itself......... A sort-of-self portrait.

I don’t have time or energy to begin in 1857, so, I thought a good place to start, would be 2013, with the foundation of the Multitude.

OK. LIVE. [.....]

I made a presentation as part of: Artists Work in Museums: Histories, Interventions and Subjectivities at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London in October 2012. The two-day conference brought together artists, curators, historians and museum professionals to explore the history and impact of artists working in/with or against museums.

I performed the V&A Bicentenary, the text for the presentation was subsequently published by Wunderkammer Press.

The moving image document is a record of its subsequent iteration at Utopography, and laid the foundation for the architecture of More things can happen...........


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Victoria and Albert Museum
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United Kingdom

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