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utopography 0.2

Amy visiting Utopia

I'm collaborating with Critical Practice and a group of Utopographers, towards Evaluation, Consensus and Location in the Triangle Exhibition Space at Chelsea College of Arts, on the 28th and 29th March 2014.

From the 24th we will be installing and event structure to host Evaluation (to enable Critical Practice to develop it current research strand) Consensus as its problematic for utopians and chimes with our ideas about Evaluative Communities, and Location as we are all interested in being creatively estranged in time and space.

I'm interested in the utopian heart of price, and speculation.

Utopography is about the interactions of space and temporal narrative, the creation of social dreams and the reality of working within and through the present.


See the  experimental event space workshops, the aggregating schedule, or the previous utopography 0.1 assembly.

There's also a beautiful souvenir publication

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