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Table Lamp

For my table, I made a lamp

Using hand tools and inspired by Enzo Mari's autoprogettazione furniture series from 1974, I went to a local DIY shop and bought some 20mm square pine batten. Then I bought a big bold low-energy lightbulb with diffuser, a ceramic bulb fitting, wrapped lamp cable, inline switch and a plug. I experimented with the batten - cutting lengths, securing with sticky tape, etc - to hold the bulb at a comfortable height employing as simple a structure as possible. I ended up with four batten pieces, three screws, three cable holes and a few fancy angles. Enzo would not be happy, but I am.

Table Lamp






























In November 2021 the bulb in the lamp went and I was unable to replace it as it's no longer manufactured. So I repurposed the diffuser to make a vase and bought a simpler replacement bulb.

Read about the construction of a table, I also made some stools, a bamboo bicycle, some market stalls, and have written more generally about things.


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