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Cultures of Resilience

Cultures of Resilience

Resilience is the capacity of a bounded network - a person, bacterial culture, a forest, a city or an economy, to deal with change and continue to develop. It's the capacity to use shocks and disruption - like an infection, financial crisis or climate change, to trigger creative regeneration. Resilience is a model to think about sustainable ways for humans to co-exist within our biosphere.


I co-authored a text for Ideas: Cultures of Resilience, the publication is edited by Ezio Manzini and Jeremy Till and gathers the traces of  the interwoven narratives, ideas, things and performances that, together, create the cultural fabric of an emerging sensibility; resilience.

The book is the result of Cultures of Resilience (CoR) a two year University of the Arts London (UAL) research project the goal of which is to build ‘multiple visions’ of the role of culture in creating resilient networks.

You can download the publication as a .pdf, and all see the public live-tracing workshop we contributed as part of CoR.

The research is  related to Anthropocene Walk, Tracing Values, the  Geneva Exchange and #TransActing


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