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Perfect Institution

Rainbow PanoramaI was invited by Joasia Krysa, Director of the Kunsthal Aarhus to contribute to the programme of events The Perfect Institution: Culture 2017

11th December: Public talk: 1-2pm. I made a presentation, taking Self Portrait: Arnolfini and V&A bicentenial as speculative case studies, I performed a live-thread recall to imagine the bicentenary celebrations.

Closed Workshop Session (booking required): 3-6pm. I participated in a workshop where we collectively imagined possible futures for the Kunsthal Aarhus, and the culture in which it is situated. The workshop developed through conversation, speculation, post-it affinity maps, and time-line drawing to performatively inhabit 2067. We then tried to work out how to get there.

The Perfect Institution is a series of events to produce a step-by-step guide, to construct a future art institution. An institution that responds to uncertain cultural, social and economic conditions. The aim, is not merely to adapt to change, but to shape those changes.

In the run up to 2017 -­ which has a two-fold significance; it's both the year Aarhus is European Capital of Culture, and the Kunsthal's centenary - ­ they are engaging in a collective exercise in imagining scenarios for arts futures.

The programme encompasses the fields of art, service design and business, and unfolds through a series of open public talks,  as well as closed workshop sessions. We will explore such questions such as:

How to organise an art institution, what are relevant models?

How to identify the core business of an art institution and articulate it to stakeholders?

How to implement principles of service design into a cultural context?

How to communicate the work of an art institution externally?

How to develop methodologies for constructing resiliant futures?

The programme is specifically designed for cultural managers,  politicians, cultural producers, curators, artists, entrepreneurs, funders, staff and board members of art / cultural institutions.

How you can participate?
 Book your place by contacting Kunsthal Aarhus.

The public talks are free, the workshop sessions are aimed at arts professionals and cost kr 500 per session, or full the series kr. 2000.

The presentation and workshop were informed by Self Portrait: Arnolfini and the V&A bicentenial


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