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As part of Self Portrait; Arnolfini we produced a beautiful celebratory publication, designed by Stephen Coates and developed in close collaboration with archivist Julian Warren.  

Recalled from composite memory on the eve of our centenary in 2061, three relational threads are intertwined;

1. social and financial organisation

2. technological innovation

3. art and its institutions

Here is a short extract:

Networked governance, exhibitionary research through glocal iCommons nodes

Arnolfini leads a critique of the 19th-century museum model, in which an exhibitionary institution has to constantly expand, commission signature buildings, evolve huge administrative hierarchies for exhibition, education, support and management.

It resolves to begin instituting – in the ancient sense of the word, of founding and supporting – creative practice.

As a creative institution, its driving principle is to play, risk, co-operate, research and rapidly prototype – not only through research and distributed exhibitions, such as the Ex Habere or Radical Transparency projects, but also with it’s governance and organisational structure.

Some values are lost, and others produced, maintained, nurtured and cherished.

With Intermediæ in Madrid, Arnolfini learns to invest, long-term, without regard to an interested return.

It devolves locally (with Spacex, Eden Project and the Free University of the West of England) and networks globally with new partners in Vietnam, West Africa and the West Indies.

There are some failures and mistakes, where exhibitions can’t convene the necessary resources, although even these failures are productive. [...]


Frieze Art Academy, Beijing

On the 18 October, the Frieze Art Academy opens in an elegant building by architect Vern Yip, on the leafy Yuanda Road, in the Haidian district of Bejing.

Concerned about the scarcity of assets generally in the art market, and specifically in its Fair franchise, The Frieze Foundation announces, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, the opening of an art academy to ensure a measure of value-at-risk control over its newly-produced assets. [....]

A print version is published by Arnolfini and available from Cornerhouse


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