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Museum Futures: Distributed

Museum Futures: Distributed - a machinima record of the centenary interview with Moderna Museet’s executive Ayan Lindquist in June 2058.

It explores a genealogy for contemporary art practice and its institutions, by re-imagining the role of artists, museums, galleries, markets, manufactories and academies.

The project was a collaboration with Marysia Lewandowska, commissioned by Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2008.

Museum Futures: Distributed - transcriptions

 English .pdf

 Spanish pdf

* German pdf (soon)

* Mandarin pdf (soon)

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Museum Futures: Distributed - recorded

The text of the interview was published in the Moderna History Book

You can download a .pdf of the interview, an extract from Moderna History Book


Museum Futures was inspired by Industrialtownfuturism, generated some of the architecture of Self Portrait: Arnolfini and More Things can Happen than Will, or Have

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