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UAL Values ABOUT: Cultures of Resilience (CoR) are the interwoven narratives, ideas, things and performances that, together, create the cultural fabric of an emerging sensibility: a resilient network capable of navigating the turbulence of our times. Art and Design practices have the potential to catalyse creative assemblies, to contribute to environmental stewardship and social renewal.

EVENT: CoR Exchange is a cross-University of the Arts London (UAL) event that will take place from the 23 to 28 of March 2015 . It's a component of a two year initiative instigated by Chair Ezio Manzini, the aim of which is to enhance the UAL’s contribution to a more resilient and sustainable society.

STRUCTURE: The CoR Exchange is where various research clusters present, perform and share their ongoing research.  The Exchange space will evolve as micro-events, temporary exhibitions, performances, discussion or short workshops leave various traces that accumulate into an evolving exhibition and archive.

PROGRAMME: For the CoR Exchange an insurgent group of researchers that I am part of, are planning to organise a live tracing workshop.

We have enabled the values of competitive markets to dominate contemporary cultural production, we inhabit a mono-culture of evaluation, and this is not resilient. Taking our model from resilient ecosystems - where bio-diversity is essential for their reproduction- we intend to explore different, varied, evaluative communities.

For the week long festival, we will  begin a mapping/tracing for the Anthropocene Atlas: London (TAAL). We will tease out and trace the Universities financial entanglements, resilient organisations and communities, our aspirations, allotments, the Universities energy use and providers, environmental NGO's, networks of empathy, and much else besides.

These tracings will enable us to visualise evaluative networks, and assess their resilience.

We will run a live mapping/tracing workshop, to research in-real-time, and share the results of that research on Tuesday 24th March, 10am -1pm.

See some images of the event or the souvenir pamphlet





We are inspired by counter cartographies and the project is  related to Tracing Values and Geneva Exchange






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