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Creative Stance


I was invited by Nadine Monem of common-editions to contribute a text to The Creative Stance. The beautiful publication is an exploration and celebration of creativity, from filmmaking to design, fashion to sculpture, and from painting to protest.  


Creative Stance What does it mean to be ‘creative’? What’s the point of a creative education? What happens at art school?

Academics, critics and creative practitioners, including Grayson Perry, Siobhan Davies, Richard Deacon, Neil Cummings, Edmund de Waal, Pratap Rughani, Bob and Roberta Smith, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Nils Norman, Sonia Boyce, and Roger Hiorns consider these questions and more in The Creative Stance, an authoritative and innovative contribution to the literature on creativity.

Structured around seven key creative values – imagination, provocation, risk, resilience, rigour, agency and ambiguity – The Creative Stance reflects on the rewards and demands of any creative endeavour. It brings together texts, conversations and materials from across and beyond the traditional artistic disciplines, it is essential reading for art students, entrepreneurs, and everyone who has felt a creative urge.

Publisher: common-editions
Designer: Sarah Boris, illustrations Jay Cover
ISBN: 9780993156311
Format: softback
Pages: 224
Illustrations: 150 colour
Dimensions: 255mm x 185mm


Here is a version of the text I produced, it's about diversity and resilience...


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