neil cummings

Change through disaster

21 Mar 2013

One day, some of the futures we currently imagine won’t be available to us.
How can we encourage those we want and discourage those we don’t?

20th - 21st March 2013, I lead a  two day workshop Art Futures for the Roaming Academy at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI)


Art Futures was a workshop that explored the urgent challenge of building desirable futures for art, artists, arts institutions and the communities they constitute.

By way of future-casting, we catapulted ourselves fifty years forward in time and tried to remember how we got there.

Conversations, post-it maps and timelines tracked our experience as we performativley inhabited 2063.

During a process of critical reflection, it dawned on the working group that we could only imagine positive change through disaster. Depressing.

To nourish our future-casting, I introduced and screened Museum Futures.

Art Futures is based on a method developed by Manuela Zechner for Future Archive and moderated by my timeline experiences with Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess  at Intermediae and with Critical Practice for El Ranchito


Related events include Arnolfini Futures, Museum Futures and Utopoly


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Dutch Art Institute
Kortestraat 27
6811 EP Arnhem

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