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Arnolfini’s Futures

Arnolfini’s Futures: a workshop Monday 24th January

Over the course of Arnolfini's 50th anniversary year, artist Neil Cummings will be working with us to develop a series of self-portraits of the Arnolfini using information from the archive. These portraits will also speculate on our futures.

On 24 January, Neil will participate in a workshop at Arnolfini where we will collectively imagine possible futures for the Arnolfini, and the culture in which it is situated. In preparation, it would be great if you could spend few minutes thinking about:

In 2061 the Arnolfini will be.………..".
My role (or equivalent) at the Arnolfini consists of………..”.
The organisation looks like this……….”.

Based on a method developed by Manuela Zechner for the Future Archive, the workshops will be super-informal, through conversation, post-it maps, drawings, and wild speculation we will performatively inhabit 2061, and then try and remember how we got there.

We can be as speculative, dystopian, rational or optimistic as we want to be……..the future remains unwritten.

Lucy Badrocke
Assistant Curator (Exhibitions)


















Take a look at the installation of Self Portrait Timeline, or the Relational Map. Related events include Change Through Disaster, Museum Futures and Utopoly.


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