Shock City

Date: 28 October, 2015 (All day)

Shock City: tracing

As a contribution to Shock City, I experimented with a live-tracing of the values that were valued. It's a method developed from the Tracing Values research custer

Shock City: Resilience and the Anthropocene


Shock City was the launch the Year of Resilience (YoR) a two-day international event featuring practitioners from Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Colleges of Art and beyond.   It was hosted  in the Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts, London.

Resilience can be understood as the capacity of a bounded network - a person, bacterial culture, a forest, a city or an economy - to deal with change and continue to develop. It is a response to shocks and disruption, like an infection, financial crisis or climate change that spurs creative practice and encourages renewal. Resilience is a means of taking action and creating sustainable ways to co-exist within our biosphere.  

 You can see some of the live-tracings

The theme of resilience aims to establish an ethos for supporting the integration between research and teaching across Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon, as well as aknowledging the intensifying effects of the anthropocene. Shock City aimed to stimulate a community response to the profound changes that are transforming our biosphere, the very foundations of culture, and our complicity through  art and design education in its production.  YoR will actively intersect with Cultures of Resilience (CoR), a two year, cross-UAL project focused on researching and presenting a new cultural discourse on resilience.  

Our colleagues and co-researchers from CCC Head in Geneva, joined others from beyond UAL to share their experiences of tracing resilience in sensitive and situated ways. We shared specific, concrete examples, and discussed, argued and learnt through workshops, eating together, sharing expert knowledge, talking and walking.


A practice exchange composed of panel discussions presenting initiatives from CCW and beyond. Each one is modeling resilience in innovative and inspirational ways.

10:00 - 10:30 Tea and Coffee - Opening remarks by Marsha Bradfield and Malcolm Quinn 

10:30 - 12:00 Empathy and Proximity chaired by Charlotte Web -

Edwina fitzPatrick and Geraint Evans Wilding the Edges, CCW

David Cross, Fossil Fuel Divestment CCW

The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (CCC Head, Geneva)  

12:00 - 13:30 Making and Repairing chaired by Aaron McPeake

Robin Jenkins -Tsunami Escape Route, CCW

Ken Wilder - Interior and Spatial Design, CCW

Natalia Romik  - Memory Shtetl The Bartlett, University College London    

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch prepared and provided  by Amy McDonald

14:30 - 16:00 Community and Places chaired by Ezio Manzini

Andrew Graves-Johnson and Patricia Ellis Look At The [E]state We’re In, CCW

Marsha Bradfield #TransActing: A Market of Values, CCW

Braulio Eduardo Morera, Arup 

16:00 - 17:00 Discussion led by David Cross

17:00 - 17:15 Closing remarks by Malcolm Quinn and Neil Cummings

17:15 - 18:00 Drinks

19:00 - 10:00 Collective Dinner

Shock City: tracing


Day 2: Shock City Anthropocene Walk 2 (coming Soon)

See the inspirational Erratics walk in Geneva, or the Anthropocene Walk 1 or Live tracing of values.


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