Fieldworks: art and anthropology


From 2003!

Documentation of a presentation of Capital (2001), recalling some of the 'fieldwork' and evolution of the project. Capital was a series of encounters between two iconic institutions - the Tate and the Bank of England - and the economies of debt and gift that they animate.....

Fieldworks: Dialogues between artists and anthropologists

Tate Modern, 26-28 September 2003

The two day conference took the practice of ‘fieldwork’, broadly defined as any social and/or material encounter driven by some sense of curiosity, to explore the institutional and professional domains of ‘art’ and ‘anthropology’

If you're interested, my contribution is from 33.40 onwards... there was quite a lively Q and A....

you can read more about the project,

Fieldworks was a collaboration between Tate Modern and the University of East London, in association with Goldsmiths College and University College London.


Related projects include Generosity, a text about The Value of Things and research into art markets.


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