7th June 2018

I visited Bank Job Pictures in a former Co-Op Bank in Walthamstow, and bought some DIY currency to animate community initiatives and cancel one million pounds of local debt.

The project is to print a currency and exchange it for fiat money. Half of the fiat money acquired in the exchange goes to four community causes, and the other half purchases one million pounds of local debt, bought through a broker on the junk debt market. Win win.

Engaging people in a collective act of printing money and abolishing local debt in a former high street bank is a provocative start to a timely conversation about economic justice and education.

A concentrated programme of Money Talks accompany the project, and more DIY banking is planned for the near-future.

Related projects include Capital, I also co-produced some currency for #Transacting, and participate in the Centre For Plausible Economies


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