April 2019

In September 2018, as part of The Peoples’ Bureau residency at The Collective, they invited me to participate in one of a series of discussions themed around the future of living, community and art that seeks to engage socially.

Armada portrait, Elizabeth I I was one of three artists commissioned to make a new artwork to coincide with the launch of The Box. After six months of research, with several site visits and meetings with designers, curators, Learning and Engagement staff, local politicians and Box management, as agreed in the contract, I made a proposal. Here it is:

Box: Plymouth proposal draft

Audio Journeys (working title)

I would like to make a series of audio journeys, that accompany visitors through their visit to the Box. The journeys will be audio files. The files could be downloadable from various locations – for example; a dedicated platform, the existing Soundcloud account, the Boxs' web presence, etc, so visitors can listen to them on their own devices. Like a podcast, they can even take them away with them.


XL-1 Kit ChairPre-dawn AngelHelgeEsprit du CheminCat on a hot plastic roof#TransActing stress testing