October 2017

I contributed to: Decoder; 3rd Biennial for Video Art curated by Nav Haq
Contour 07 18 August - 21 October 2007 The City of Mechelen, Belgium

The invitation from Nav Haq to participate in the Film and Video Biennial Contour  2007 in Mechelen, enabled me to make several visit the city. And, rather than bring a previously made film for exhibition - which is the convention for Biennials - I began to research what kind of film making practices already existed.

Museum Futures was exhibited as part of I Taste the Future, the 2017 iteration of the Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF), Norway.

I Taste the Future proposes speculations about the future of the Lofoten archipelago and its surrounding sea. Situated 150 years from now, the Festival draws on science fiction as a model for thinking about futures, rooted in Henningsvær, a village with 460 inhabitants. Historically Henningsvær was the most important fishing village in what still remains one of the world’s largest seasonal fisheries, known primarily for the cod that has been coming to spawn in Lofoten for centuries.

Surrogate was screened as part of Short Bursts of Concentrated Joy

Curated by David Blamey for Houghton, the new three-day art and music festival taking place on the Houghton estate in Norfolk, UK from 10th to 13th August 2017.


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